Our Beginnings

Back in 1999 we started out as a three man team of Howard, Ben and William Scott. This family grounding stays with us today. How times have changed from our first years where all buildings we constructed out of doors. While we may have grown and increased our facilities and capabilities, some things have remained unchanged. Our solid belief in good old fashioned customer satisfaction has ensured those clients we earned back in 1999 are still buying from us today.

Our Growth

Growth and sustainability are two key words in the business world. For success you need both. With a strong focus on internal systems we have been able to sustainably grow our business achieving a year on year average annual growth in excess of 15% over the last 10 years. With a team in excess of 100 staff, excellent financial stability and well developed systems we are place for strong growth into the future.

Our Team

Uniplan Group is a workplace where humour and hard work go hand in hand. Staff share the passion for the company through being included in business development and planning. Our core values attract staff that want to know what they are doing is making a difference to the whole.

Our team of over 100 staff enjoy a well organised structure but are still given the latitude to operate autonomously without the burdens of a hierarchy.


Some of our key staff are:

Managing Director
Ben Scott – ben@uniplangroup.co

Howard Scott – howard@uniplangroup.co

Sales Manager
Nelson Sanderson – nelson@uniplangroup.co

Purchasing Manager
Jerry Scott – jerry@uniplangroup.co

Project Manager
Mark Lumb –  Mark.lumb@uniplangroup.co

Site Project Manager
Patrick Thorncroft – patrick@uniplangroup.co

Design Consultant
Mark Tickle – mark@uniplangroup.co

Ken Mair – ken@uniplangroup.co

Shahab Mokhtare – shahab@uniplangroup.co

Factory Manager
Glen Snow – glen.snow@uniplangroup.co

Marketing Manager
Holli Benson – holli@uniplangroup.co

Sales Consultant
Sarah Fenton



Our Facilities

We started off on a small rental property consisting of a small office, shipping container and built everything out of doors. Now days we enjoy an up-to-date manufacturing facility that include world class offices, 3500m2 of factory set on 15,000m2 of land. Every building moves through 11 ‘Stations’ within our factory. Each ‘Station’ has all the tools and materials required for the trades to do their portion of their work before it moves on to the next ‘Station’