What is included in your pricing?

Pretty much everything. All you need is to connect the services and move in with your furniture!

We have varying levels of specifications for you to choose from but they all include a complete internal fit out of floor and wall coverings, painting, kitchen and bathroom, curtains, delivery and installation within 100km. We really do make it easy for you. You’re also welcome to discuss special requirements that you would like us to include. We always customise to your exact needs.

Is there an extra charge if we don’t go with your standard plans?

Definitely not – it’s very rare that we build a standard plan – we’re always customising for our clients.

When we do a custom plan for you we use the same costing formulas to calculate the price – just as if it were a standard plan. We have designed our factory to allow us to customise everything. We will draw up your own personal design, either based on one of our designs or totally from scratch. You’re welcome to send us a ‘mud map’ of your own making.

How do they get installed on site?

Included in our price are the solid concrete block footings and tie down chains.

Depending on your soil type we can also upgrade to increased footing sizes or a steel pier system. Our folk can help you with the best choice for you.

How long will it take to build?

Building time varies depending on the size of your dwelling. It can be as quick as 16 days to construct in our factory. Larger dwellings can take up to 28 days. Either way that’s pretty quick! Of course, in addition to the time in the factory, you need to allow for council approval, purchasing of materials and then installation on site. Typically this all adds up to around 3 – 6 months from sign-up to move in day.

What is the lead time from order to delivery?

Approx. 8 to 16 weeks.

This varies depending on the size of your order and how full our order schedule is. You should also allow sufficient time for council approvals if required. If you require an urgent delivery we can normally fit you into our schedule – discuss this with our sales team if needed.

What needs to be done after delivery?

All you need to do is arrange for the connection of the services and then move in!

After delivery to site, our tradesmen will install it on piers and complete any touch ups required after transport. If part of your contract, we will build verandahs, stairs or carports as required. All you need to do is arrange a plumber and electrician to connect the relevant service before you can move in.

What is the payment plan?

10% deposit, 40% at lock up stage in our factory and 40% when it is ready for delivery. The final 10% is paid on completion of onsite works when you’re all happy with the job.

Getting Finance for your Uniplan Manufactured Home

Part of the building process is to be able to provide proof of finance for your new home.

We have spoken to some lenders and mortgage brokers who understand our building process and are happy to consider a lending application for our homes, please contact us for further information.

What is the largest size you can deliver in 1 piece?

16mx5.3m. Anything larger than this will get split into two or more pieces for delivery and then it gets joined up again on site.

Can Uniplan look after the council application process?

Sure we can. We have an experienced team that can manage this for you.

We charge a small fee of $995 to lodge and manage the council application from start to finish. We will liaise, lodge and progress your application as quick as we can including doing all the required drawings and forms. Council fees and charges are not included in our fee. These vary from council to council. (The fee of $995 covers applications for single residential units only.)

Why should we buy from you?

We offer a quick, cost effective, custom made, hassle free building experience.

For the last 16 years we have been finding new ways to make the whole process as EASY as we can for you. From council applications to colour choices and architectural design to site works – we make it simple and hassle free.

What is the process in buying from you?

We have a simple 6 step process

1. Choose your Home/Granny Flat Design
2. The Starter Pack
3. The Contract Stage
4. Colour Selection Time
5. The Construction Stage
6. Moving into your Home/Granny Flat

Are we able to do our own cabinetry, painting or other finishes?

You sure can (but most clients find it cheaper to get us to handle it all)

We certainly don’t mind leaving some of the work for you to do but our efficient manufacturing process normally works out more cost effective for us to do it all. Your choice.

What is your warranty?

6 years structural warranty plus a 1 year maintenance period.

Your delivery map only includes NSW. Do you deliver to other states?

Yes we do. For longer distances we will need to calculate it for you. Give us a call.

Is this a kit home?

NO – definitely not! A kit home means YOU have to construct it YOURSELF. Our homes come to site fully complete ready to move in.

A factory built home like ours gets completely built with all finishes and fittings prior to being delivered to your site. It is then installed within a couple of days. By contrast, a kit home is just all the materials you require to build a home. You have to then build it yourself from scratch. A kit home always sounds cheap compared to a manufactured home but there is a big difference between a fully completed home being installed on your site within a couple of days and a pile of building materials that will take you months to build.