Your next development, made easy.

2019 marks our 20 year anniversary in this industry so lean on our experience to ensure you are maximising the returns from your holiday park or village.

To do this you need a deep understanding of the latest architectural and interior design trends, which finishes are the most durable and easy to maintain and clever site design to make your park stand above the crowd.

Based on our extensive experience, we love getting involved early in your project. We’re more than happy to freely share our knowledge to ensure you get the best result for your park.

We know you need a hassle free process to make it all happen. You want a smooth building process that allows growth and development of your park or village without headaches.

But is all starts with smart design. Getting good looking, well designed building on each site is important. Don’t end up with a whole village full of ‘cookie cutter’ dwellings that look like some sort of housing commission. By using sites well and incorporating some cost effective design elements you can attract good clients to your community.

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Looking for pricing?

We tailor our pricing based on your specific project needs and size. Get in touch with our team today who will be able to give you some indicative pricing to let you budget for your project. We can then move ahead with more specific design and customised pricing.

Can Uniplan help with site design?

You bet! We’ve been in this game for 20 years and been part a broad array of fantastic design ideas. There is nothing we love more than helping you come up with an efficient yet highly functional site layout.

Why build off site rather than on site?

There is nothing worse than major disruptions on your park. You’re trying to run a business, be it a holiday park or residential village. Trying to do that on a building site isn’t fun. Off-site modular construction reduces the time on site to a minimum allowing you to keep your operations rolling.

Do we provide turnkey project solutions?

Most clients tend to use their own local plumbing and electrical trades that know their park the best. Of course, should you need a turnkey solution we’ve done it plenty of times before. Let us make it all happen for you.

How do you decide when is a good time to replace old holiday cabins?

This is a common conundrum. You’ve got some old cabins that are fully depreciated but are still giving you great returns. What is often overlooked is how much they are subtly pulling down your guest satisfaction. We always find that upgrading to new cabins increases your overall revenue and repeat business. Plus you can always get good money for the old second hand cabins.